I finished this skirt a while ago. I do like it, but if I make another garment with this surface treatment, I will make sure the stripes go completely from top to bottom without a break. The over dying was successful in toning down the very bright colors without losing the striking back ground.


This second piece is a bolero, I haven’t really documented it before. The sleeves are pieced with dramatic iconic symbols. The top and the bolero are from Alabama Stitch books, and they really do work well together and become very flattering. I have a hard time integrating them into the rest of my wardrobe.


I have a dress under construction that will be coming up soon.

There are several things I love about these patterns.  One, they fit beautifully.  Second, they work well with recycled fabrics.  Third, they are soft and very comfortable to wear.  Fourth, when working on them, I really am in the process.  I am hand sewing all these garments.  It still takes a surprisingly short time to complete them.  These two above took longer because of the piecing, but the dress is coming together quite quickly.

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