In an attempt to create more work and hold myself more accountable, I created a UFO (unfinished object list) for 2022. The list follows, with the month I plan to focus on the projects. The goal is not to finish all those projects, although I expect that some of them I will be able to complete, but instead to push them forward and refocus on my creativity.

January – Christmas gift exchange 2022 (really going to get this done early this year)

February – corduroy quilt. Been working on this forever.

March – Christmas Santa quilt – this is just an idea I have. I haven’t started on it at all.

April – Butterfly embroidery quilt – I have started this quilt. I have a bunch handmade embroidery from my mother in law, aunts, and grandmother that I am integrating into this quilt.

May – Angel wings repair – I have some little resin angels that the wings are broken so I want to fix them.

June – Polar fleece tunic- I have the fabric for this I just need to cut and sew.

July – Paul’s quilt- I have this mostly pieced – just need to put together and quilt.

August – new secret gift quilt- can’t say much about this one, it a secret.

September – velvet skirt- this is partially done, just needs a waist band and hem.

October – Rag rugs- this is an ongoing project to use up selvages.

November – square quilt – this one I have been working on the side so it will be nice to get some traction.

December – lanyard – want to make another batch of these for myself and maybe to sell.

I am also setting a goal of writing a post every month and this list will give me a starting point.

Happy New Year!

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