july ufo done

Yes, it is finished!  I absolutely love it! I am so happy with the way the flames worked out.  They are actually my favorite part.  They are made of layers of sheers, some of them painted and also beads.  I started this quilt on January 22, 2011, so I actually finished this one fairly quickly- only a year and a half.  Oh yeah- and the actual name is Angel Quilt 2: Apocalypse.

grads and weddings

Life converges sometimes and things kind of all come together.  We were blessed to be invited to two special events this weekend.  The first was a wedding, for my cousin.  So I made the card above, with a red rose for love.  Steve helped.

Then our dear church friends’ son graduated.  This card has a real tiny tassel that I made.  I was really pleased how they both turned out.   Sometimes simple is best.

Halloween costume

So, of course, I wanted to wear my same costume as last year, but I still wanted to amp it up a little.  So I made this belt yesterday.  I call it my princess gypsy dream fortune teller’s utility belt.  I wanted to add flowers hanging down in order to be a float.  Maybe next year.

It was really fun and easy to make.  I just started with the bottom two layers of a quilt in a strip, then laid layers of fabric down and quilted as I went.  I added the rosette and some embroidery stitches from my sewing machine with rayon variegated thread.

The other nice thing is that it is super warm.  Happy Halloween!

August Ufo

Yes, I finished it!  I expect I will trim it and sew it onto some kind of back. I think it will eventually be part of a tiny quilt.  I started this a long time ago and carried in my purse for several years.  Periodically, I would take it out and do a little bit.  It’s great to have it finished.

anniversary present

So, I think I mentioned this top-secret project in passing a couple of times.  I couldn’t post because sometimes my husband reads my blog.  I made this little heart-shaped scrapbook for my husband for our 20th anniversary.

Here’s the first page: our wedding day.  He really liked it.  I made all the pages to fit inside this satin heart-shaped box that I bought on clearance last Valentine’s Day.

What is so hilarious to me is that I was sure he saw it.  If there was a big heart-shaped box that looked like it once held chocolates in it in any location in my house, I would have definitely looked in it at least once to make sure there were no more chocolates.  My husband never did. 

I also know he loves me because when he opened it, he never asked where the chocolates had gone.

May ufo finished!

Graduation is Friday and the party is Saturday.  The scrapbook is done.  Here is a few of my favorite pages.  The one above is obviously him learning to ride his bike.  The one below is about when he was little how he would obsessively line things up.  I loved that.

God’s message

I don’t know if God speaks to you through your radio, but he does to me.  Now, he doesn’t tell me when the world is going to end.  He knows this would be a bad thing to do because I am usually driving when he talks to me.  If He told me when the end of the world was coming, I would definitely crash my car.  But he does give me messages through songs.  This morning I was so worried about all the things going on in my life, mostly happy things, but still stressful.  Then suddenly, I hear:

You’re so mean, when you talk about yourself, you were wrong
Change the voices in your head, make them like you instead
So complicated, look happy, you’ll make it!

Perfect-by Pink

Yes, I am mean when I talk to myself.  So, I laughed at myself, and moved out of my little haze of anxiety. Nice pep talk!

Anyway, I do have a picture to share as well. Here is a page from the graduation scrapbook.

So here is my baby.  I love the picture in the lower left corner.  He looks so mischievous even though he is just newborn.  I actually think he is looking around.  As a baby, he always had his eyes wide open, taking in the whole world.

April Ufo

I spent a lot of time painting this weekend in preparation for graduation, but I did get a little time in on Saturday to work on this poor orphaned ufo.  I did make a lot of progress on Saturday.  I sewed the star and the angel down and made some little funky log cabin houses.  My husband gave me the idea for the houses when he told me it reminded me of Chagall. I think the color and the way it was drawn is what brought Chagall to his mind.  I feel like it needs one more object on the right in the sky, possibly the moon or some small stars.  This Saturday I will work on it again.

chicken progress

So here is my second chicken quilt.  I love this quilt, but again I just don’t feel like it fits the person I am giving it to.  So I have already completed a third and final chicken quilt.  I love that one, too.  However, I can imagine it at the house of the person I want to give it to, and being used.  I know every time that person uses it, it will remind him/her of me, and make him/her smile.  I will get photos taken and post that final, and best chicken, quilt in the next few days.

angel quilt- Winter

I just finished this quilt over Christmas.  I have been playing around with transparency for a while with greeting cards I have been making.  I used a sheet that is nearly worn through, a curtain that faded beautifully and shredded over time due to stress from hanging and some new patterned curtain fabric.  I used a stencil I made years ago to make the angel on the worn sheet.  The fabric is so sheer that you can see little sparkles from the silver fabric shining through.

I have for years wanted to make a purple quilt called Purple Rain.  You can guess exactly how old I am from that statement.  Anyway, this quilt is the tiny, successful version of that imaginary quilt. The other major influence is Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth, of course.

I enjoyed making this quilt so much I have plans to make two more.  This first one is called Winter.  The second one is Star, and the third is Dawn. I’ve already started Star, in fact, I counted it as one of my UFOs for 2011.