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Yes.  I am thinking about it.  Even though my studio is so full that I have been throwing stuff out as much as possible,  I am thinking about starting a new craft.  My son is graduating next spring and I am getting a little nostalgic.  I am thinking of taking up making scrapbooks.  It makes sense.  I make college and greeting cards.

To that end, I bought 6 pages at Michael’s yesterday.  The pages are fairly cheap if you only look at the fact that they are a quarter, and overlook the fact, that I was paying a quarter for one sheet of paper.  Albeit, beautiful paper.  P got to pick out some which he was almost excited about.  I will get some photos of the projects soon.

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new post cards

It was my son’s birthday and my other son birthday is coming up so I made several cards to use as thank you notes.

I used calenders to cut out patches of color and then attach them to small pieces of photo paper.  On these I colored some dots with marker, also.  Steve said that was a little much.

I love these three because two of them are like exclamation points.  The one on the left is the Washington monument.  See if you can guess which two were made by Steve.  That is one of the things I love about him.  If you bring him a bunch of materials and a finished card he can springboard his own ideas and visual stamp on them on a dime.  Then, I can build on what he is doing.

One of these is his, and one of these we did jointly.

This last one is my favorite:

I made it, but I think it really reminds me of two of Steve’s assemblages Under the waterfall and Lovers in Spring.

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graduation card

graduation card

Here’s a card I made for a friend for graduation.  It was card stock base with a bag I got from a music store.  I cut out the image and added the word “you” to the image.  I cut the image in three pieces to make the rock in the middle sections.  I colored the “you” to match the letters.

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Here’s an odd little bit of something I made.  What will it be?  I don’t know.  It may be a tiny quilt. It may be part of a card.  I made it several weeks ago, and as of yet it doesn’t have a home.  This is why my sewing room is so cluttered.
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new cards new year

Poor teddy, I have had him since I was a little girl.  He is so worn and now both of my kids are grown beyond the years that a teddy would even be an idea, much less a worn out little guy like him.  I keep on thinking of covering his whole body with a new fabric, but as of yet have not worked up the energy.
s and I worked on these cards for thank you cards for the boys’ Christmas presents and they came out beautifully.  I have been watching a lot of work on tissue paper on Pokey’s quilting show on PBS.  Finally, I got it going.  These all recycled cards except the thread.  Even the tissue paper was from some presents we received.
Anyway, I am so blessed with great friends and family.  We received so many beautiful things, and I am so grateful.
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I am finding some time to work.  Every night my son has several hours of homework.  While he is doing that, I have been crafting.  So last night I put together two cards.  One from my nephew and one for my aunt.
Today is Friday, and I hope to get the room organized more this evening so tomorrow I can work out there.  I need to devise a really good pressing system for the velvet jacket since I haven’t a pressing ham.
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I had a fabulous birthday.  Steve and my sister, Katie, planned a wonderful surprise.  All of my extended family and several friends gathered to surprise me and spend time with me.  It was so wonderful.  I feel so blessed and loved. 
I’ve been working on my clothing journal more than anything the past few days.  I have pieced the denim quilt for Eliott and added part of the first frame, dark blue flannel.  I spent a morning last week almost crying while I cut up my old worn out bathrobe for a third frame.   I bought it right after I had Eliott (now 15) so it has a lot of memories of when they were babies for me.  It is love worn.
I did some sorting and clearing out over the weekend.  I went through my handmade paper and found some drawings and sewn paper drawings.  I am trying to finish them in some way.
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accomplishment 2008

Last day of 2008, a good day to look forward – and back.
Things completed in 2008:
Best: red quilt, mom’s little quilt for 60th birthday, Jan’s fabric postcard
Most appreciated: Eliott’s jeans
Weirdest: purple pj remix
Still in progress:  Lizard quilt, Grandmother’s flower garden