Small start to garden

I am still working on a pattern review. I also got out my multi plaid robe and cut the last pattern piece. I am hoping to start sewing it together during the week.

In the mean time, I have a spring garden update to share:

This first one is Eliott’s part of the garden. He is having a lot of success. Mostly beans, corn and nasturtiums.


The next one is also Eliott’s but requires an explanation. I went out in the yard and saw him sitting in the grass by this one. He had planted a line of lettuce and the seedlings were too close together. So I found him carefully removing each one and transplanting it. Here is his transplanted lettuce notice the perfect spacing:


Steve planted his tomatoes this week also. We were a little nervous because they looked a little tired but a good rain yesterday perked them up nicely:


I am looking forward to a very productive garden particularly because I have put in such small effort. It ‘s great to just watch the progress without any input on my part. Everything is finally popping after this especially cold winter.


Easter lilies

I had a great sewing day yesterday. During the week, I cut a blouse out of two of Steve’s t-shirts and yesterday – in one day, I sewed it. I was pleased with the result, however, I can’t seem to get a decent photo of it today. I think the t-shirts are not exactly the right materials, they tend to look thick and frumpy. In any case, I found that the pattern worked well and fit well. I have some other fabric that I will use to try the pattern again.

So I decided to photograph the prettiest thing in my house right now:

These are our Easter lilies. They are so pretty they hardly even look real. I am hoping to keep them alive until the nights stop dropping below 40 degrees.



Not much happening here. I have been sick and just moving slowly. So, no sewing. But I will show you something that gives me great joy. A few years back I bought a salad bowl pot from the farmer’s market. I spent eight dollars and enjoyed it very much. I realized I could replicate this for the cost of seeds. So a few weeks ago, I planted some herbal seeds, some radish seeds, lettuce and peas. I am happy with how quickly it is growing.


So unfortunately, I have chores today.  This is shaping up to be a busy week and at some point I need to deal with this:


Wow, the picture doesn’t seem quite as bad as the actuality. Except when you think this very unweeded garden is right in front of my house. Yikes!


I have started sewing my four inch squares into pairs and if I have any time at all (especially if it rains today) in the next two weeks I will get them into fours. 


Countdown to ninth grade: 14 days.

garden update

I made a nice little dress yesterday, but I don’t have photos yet.  I also began working on my brown scraps for my quilt, but I’m not really far enough to take photos either.  I thought instead I would give you a little garden tour.

This year my sons have taken over the garden and are having much more success than I usually do.  Here is a cucumber that we will likely eat today.


Here is some beautiful tomatoes:


And lastly a huge amount of grapes:


a very little bit of spring


We have all (and when I mean all, I mean the whole of Minnesota and perhaps beyond) have been anxiously, crabbily waiting for spring.  In the wacky way of our weather, one day it is beautiful 70 and perfect, the next in the 40s cold and windy.  But finally my little tulip has begun to bloom.

I also planted a few of my tomatoes in pots:


They seem to be doing ok but they could use some warmth.  Tuesday it is supposed to be ninety- so I guess spring is over!  That is Minnesota.

Hopefully, next week I will be back to posting sewing on this blog.

not a lot going on here, but a lot going on


The plants and the boys and I are waiting for this weather to pass.  Today it should break, and we should have some May weather.  It is still overcast, but I’m hoping for a little sun.

On the sewing side, not much that I can report.  Some things are secret so I can’t talk about them here (yet).

I am starting a new job tomorrow, and I am super excited.  I am very happy about the move and anxious to start.

This weekend I am helping Steve get his book ready to be self-published.  I am happy for him that he succeeded in this goal.  More on this will come.  We hope to have it available in about three weeks.

As you can see a lot going on, but not a lot to show!



bits and pieces and beauty

So, sorry I missed you yesterday- I had a migraine.  I remember my mom when she was my age or a little younger maybe swallowing Tylenol by the handful and now I get it.   One of the bad things about middle age is the headaches.   In any case, not much is happening here except this: my beautiful Christmas cactus.  This plant is so boring all year, then just as everything dies it blooms amazingly.  It’s blossoms are so incredible. It is one of my favorite things.


garden update

So the gardens are full swing.  The one above is Eliott’s.  He is doing a great job of keeping it neat and well watered.

Here’s mine.  Not quite so neat, and pretty dry.

Here is our first little pumpkins, so cute!

this is why my sisters are awesome

Yes, I was totally surprised when my sisters gave me these boots Memorial weekend.  I have wanted a pair of these awesome rubber boots for several years.  And look at these: brown with a pattern of wild pink and purple horses running on them.

Theme song break:

Yes, that is my boots’ theme song! They are so great, I wore them the whole weekend when I was camping. My feet were wonderfully dry and warm. Thanks again!