new work

A lot going on here… Paul got an internship that has turned our schedule upside down. If you have time during 8-3:30 pm you might be able to listen to him online. – He is having a great time learning about radio announcing.

I have been busy, but it is slow going- especially taking the time to document here. Here is my first step with the teddy bear picnic quilt:DSC05285

This is framed with some fabric that I got from my aunt.

Now for something completely different. Natalie Chanin recommends samples to learn stitches, and to make design decision. She makes them up into a quilt in the end. I don’t know if I will go that far, but here is my first sample. I will show you the garment that I ended using the techniques soon- it is finished and the sample was helpful.DSC05284

Second quilt

So Christmas busy.  Now working on the second quilt for Steve’s student who also has a American girl doll. I am now just working on things in order of deadlines.DSC04788

I am very happy with this one- Steve picked out the colors and arranged it.  We went to the fabric store and picked up fabric for the frame and back so I am excited to finish it- hopefully, today.



I got a lot done this weekend so I have a lot to show you! I am making good progress on my Christmas stockings. I have the monograms done and ready to sew to the stockings.  I am on track to finish my first ufo for 2012!

On Friday night, after much complaining and irritation, and after I had every single person in my family try to put them together, I finally decided to put these together in flowers.  In my mind, I would put these together in rows like I would squares.  For anyone doing one of these quilts, which I definitely would not recommend at this point, you have to put them together in flowers.  What I will do next with them is still unknown.  But I did get one done already!

Lastly, I am most excited about Paul’s quilt.

I am now working on the hand quilting, which besides the binding, is the last part of this quilt!  I am so excited!  I am also very excited about the way it is turning out.  As usual my hand quilting creates a landscape that interacts with the surface but also floats above it.  By the way, I plan to leave my knots showing on this quilt, since I just read Alabama Studio Sewing + Design: A Guide to Hand-Sewing an Alabama Chanin Wardrobe.  I am still on the fence, but since my some of my hand quilting knots that I popped through the top of the quilt on some of my other quilts didn’t stay, and this quilt will get heavy use from a teenage boy, I’m going to try her idea of leaving the knots exposed as a design element.

ufo 2012

Judy at Patchwork Times is doing another UFO project for 2012, and I am going to give it a shot again.  I had seven finishes out of twelve last year so I am feeling that I was successful.  Only four of my projects are going to be a repeat for 2012 (one I just gave away, so while technically not a finish, it is gone)  So here is my list for 2012:

1. Chicken quilt 1 – Prodigal chicken comes home from war to opulent city

2. Chicken quilt 2 – Country fried chicken

3. Denim cathedral windows quilt

4. Paul’s quilt

5. Ducky quilt – this is a newer quilt, only in my my mind so far with only 3 pieces cut out and the templates even though I have been thinking about it for over a year.  A long way to go, so my goal is only to make progress.

6 .Repair Grandma’s quilt 1 and 2- I came into possession of two of my grandmother’s quilts.  I want to mend them.  They don’t need a huge amount of work, it’s just a matter of getting to it.

7. Dark angel quilt, mend bathroom rug.

8. Christmas star kit and g. cross stitch- this star kit I have been meaning to work on for a full year.  The cross stitch is over 4 years old at least again for the cross stitch it is just to make progress.  Since the kit is mostly working on the computer, I figure it is a good pair.

9. Grandmother’s flower garden- again a very old project.  I have several pieced, and the goal is to get the top pieced at least.

10.Christmas stockings

11. Hawaiian quilt – this one needs a total work over.  I feel like it should be cut into small art quilts.

12. Angel card quilt

lost rotary cutter

I lost my rotary cutter and it was my big sewing Saturday. Sigh. So, I did what I always tell my kids to do when they can’t find something – clean.  Here’s what I found:

 The front of a Spiderman t-shirt.

A lizard embroidery.

A half-finished block.

A grandmother’s flower garden block from my grandmother.

No, no rotary cutter. I did sew some more on my cathedral windows quilt. And now, I have a clean studio.

By the way, for those keeping track, I have not finished my September ufo.  It is a large cross stitch.  I did make significant progress, but still a long way to go.  October’s ufo is five, which was Eliott’s graduation book.  I finished that in May for his graduation.  So, I plan to work on the cross stitch for another month.

August Ufo

Yes, I finished it!  I expect I will trim it and sew it onto some kind of back. I think it will eventually be part of a tiny quilt.  I started this a long time ago and carried in my purse for several years.  Periodically, I would take it out and do a little bit.  It’s great to have it finished.

January ufo finished!

I managed to finish it with just one day to spare!

I am actually quite pleased with it. The colors turned out great.  I added the red ties because I thought it would be difficult to quilt.  It turned out not to be, but I love the effect.  It has a really homemade old-fashioned look. I will post more photos in a few days. 

Meanwhile, check this out.  I believe I caught a real ufo in my photo of my ufo. 

Freaky, huh?  A real ufo right in my kids’ bedroom.

2011 ufo challenge

I found this 2010 UFO Challenge by Patchwork Times. I love the idea of tying up loose strings, but I have a lot of anxiety.  Will I finish all these projects?  Will I finish any of these projects?  Some of these projects are not quilts, so I hope that Patchwork Times doesn’t mind my stretching their idea a little bit.

I will give it a shot.  What is a ufo?  An unfinished object.  I have several.  Some I have been working on for years and I don’t know if I can finish in 2011.  I don’t know whether to list them or not.  Some I already plan to finish. But here goes…

1. Hawaiian quiltThis quilt I have been working on FOREVER.  I am very frustrated with it.  On the other hand it is potentially nearly done because it has the binding nearly on.  I still feel like it needs to be quilted more.

2. Blue Knitted scarf Again, I have been working on this forever.  I think I can declare it finished as soon as it reaches around my neck.

3. Valentine quilt  This is kind of a cheat.  I was planning to finish this anyway, with a tentative finish date in April.

4. Dark angel quilt I just began this last week, so although unfinished, it isn’t something I have just been leaving alone.

5. Graduation scrap-book  Yes, my boy needs a scrapbook at his graduation party.  I have started it but it has a long way to go.

6. Green, black and red, corduroy quilt  This I have had half done for DOUBLE forever. I began this quilt in 1997.  This a true ufo.

Update 2/2/11: Completed!

7. Cardinal cross stitch I have worked on this for two years, but it substantially done.

8. green t-shirt I just cut this at Christmas time.

9. denim dress remake  I have barely started this.  I just cut off the collar. I have a very vague idea of what to do with it.

10. silk quilt  These next three I am very nervous about putting on.  I have worked on them for a long time and they are hand sewing.  I am nervous I won’t finish them.

11. g cross stitch This is a top-secret project that I have worked on for six years.  It is a gift so I don’t dare give more information.  Hopefully, the person will someday receive it.

12. grandmother’s flowers quilt  Again I have worked on this project on and off for four years. Maybe longer.

I will see how it goes.

snowed in

Snowy week!  18 inches.  The boys are so excited because they had not one but TWO days off from school.  I would go into a long tirade of how it was different when I was a kid but kid-wise, it wasn’t better this time.  For adults, the good old days were better.  Now my kids have had two days off this week and next week begins their two-week long Christmas holiday. “Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again.” 

 Anyway, S and I shoveled snow like crazy this weekend.  We shoveled and shoveled and shoveled again after the snow plow.  You’d think I’d lose weight but it turns out twenty minutes of shoveling snow only burns about 100 to 150 calories.  Even though I did it four days in a row, it still doesn’t amount too much.

This is beginning to be a sad post, but there is good news ( I won’t even get into the possibility of an ice dam).  Being mostly house bound all weekend, I did make a beautiful new tiny quilt. I had this angel stencil that I had made many years ago that I stencilled with silver paint onto some fabric from a sheet that is so worn it is sheer.  I will wait to talk about it more when I have photos.  I believe it is the start of a series.


Here’s an odd little bit of something I made.  What will it be?  I don’t know.  It may be a tiny quilt. It may be part of a card.  I made it several weeks ago, and as of yet it doesn’t have a home.  This is why my sewing room is so cluttered.