No, it’s not my birthday


On Wednesday, I received a mysterious package from my sister.  Inside was this beautiful set:

A matching necklace, bracelet and earrings.  I love it!  Every bead is different and beautiful.  I wore the set twice last week.  It matches so many things I already have- this skirt in particular has the exact same colors!

Thanks again, Becky!

Halloween costume

So, of course, I wanted to wear my same costume as last year, but I still wanted to amp it up a little.  So I made this belt yesterday.  I call it my princess gypsy dream fortune teller’s utility belt.  I wanted to add flowers hanging down in order to be a float.  Maybe next year.

It was really fun and easy to make.  I just started with the bottom two layers of a quilt in a strip, then laid layers of fabric down and quilted as I went.  I added the rosette and some embroidery stitches from my sewing machine with rayon variegated thread.

The other nice thing is that it is super warm.  Happy Halloween!

what kind of artist are you?

I read this article yesterday: What Kind of Seed Beader are you?  by Kristal Wick.  Although it is meant for seed beading, I think it is easy to generalize to artists in general.  So what kind of artist am I?

The Artful Beader

You create one-of-a-kind, complicated, out-of-the-box designs for the sheer sake of beauty. If you had to make another one or teach a class, you’d faint! You’re more the “art for art’s sake” type of beader, taking the less traveled path, rarely following a pattern. Your creations are pretty unique, mixing wire, beads, and other media together.

Your motto: Impossible you say, bring it on!

This is totally me.  I rarely make the same project twice, and if I do, it is always significantly different.  Usually, there is something unresolved in the project that I want to play out if I do make another.  Right now, I am considering making a second tiny angel quilt.  The first one turned out wonderfully, but I think I may do a second one with a completely different palette. (By the way, my husband gave me both a compliment and a burn on that same piece:  He said, ” Now, you made a pot holder.” Luckily for him, before that he had said, “It looks like a painting.”  For him, this is the ultimate compliment.)

100 things

I just read about the 100 thing challenge.  I immediately thought of the two areas where my hoarding tendencies are barely held in check: my clothing and my craft materials/tools.  So I did a quick inventory of my clothing.  I have a book that is a visual catalogue of all my clothes.  Perhaps it is a sign that I have too many things that I have photos of all my clothes.  Anyway, it makes it easy to count.  I have 163 items of clothing.  This does NOT count socks, underwear and various foundation pieces.  Also, a few things I bought this summer to wear next winter.  SO!  I am going to try to get down to 100 items.  I am not quite sure if I will include each undergarment or categories of items.  It seems like a cheat.  If I just said:  shirts or even short sleeve shirts, I would definitely be under 100 items.  Anyway, I think achieving the 100 items with categories for undergarments will be a major breakthrough.  By the way, this does include jewelry and shoes.

To begin this process, I will go through my items again.  This time, I will look at each item by comfort, style and whether I have worn it in the last season appropriate for it.  I know this is crazy, but I can’t help it, my inner hoarder has to be rationalized.

On the other end of the spectrum is my craft room.  In that room, I am only using categories.  I have to.  I have over 100 drawing items, pieces of fabric and beads.  I am at sixty categories or things.  I am trying to make the categories not too broad.  I did get rid of five things yesterday.  Good start.

new blouse

Here is my second outfit from my blouse from Kohl’s.  I love it!  I am wearing my Ann Taylor linen skirt with tiny pin tucks.  Of course, but unfortunately not pictured, is my beaded satin shoes.

I actually found several things I liked at Kohls.  I got a little coupon emailed to me for signing up for emails, so I may go back. It is kind of out of the way for me but it may be worth it.  I’ll have to see how this blouse holds up especially since dh has taken over the washing and doesn’t hang out clothes the way I like.  I try not to complain though because clean clothes that I didn’t have to wash are a blessing.

My lovely MIL sent me these beautiful iridescent shell beads for my birthday.  When I was at Kohl’s, I saw a necklace made out of them that was just lovely.  So when I got home I made something very close.  I also made matching earrings.


One of my favorite gifts is to combine a handmade object with a store bought one. 

I bought this little t-shirt at Target for my sister.  She has beautiful watery eyes.  I call them watery because they shift from blue to green to grey depending on the color she is wearing.  My older son has the same eyes and I love to pick clothing that makes his eyes appear more saturated.  I think this shirt will do the same. 

She is a stay at home mom right now so I wanted to get something that would be comfortable, but nice enough to wear around on errands or maybe church.

I also made matching jewelry.

birthday jewelry

April is my birthday and my friend Patti’s daughter’s birthday also.  So when she came over she designed this necklace and I strung it for her.  It is so cute, and I love the way she combined gold and red.  We had a great time.


I did a whole lot of beading this weekend including this necklace, inspired by a Carol Kent bracelet that I saw at V’s.  I was really struggling with these beads because they were so unusual and baroque.  She used them monochromely and I realized that I really liked that.  I had been trying to mix and match them with other colors. After doing this one I springboarded into another which unfortunately I didn’t yet photograph.

now it is july

Now it is July and what have I done? 
Another month older…
I made a lovely matching necklace and earrings set for my sister to go with the t-shirt I bought her.  My new thing, I think, for Christmas is to buy shirts and make matching necklaces and earrings.
I have finished all the squares for my red quilt.  I have half of them basted and three of them quilted.  I’m having a hard time keeping on task because I already have the fabric for my next quilt.  I want to get going on it.  It will be a tropical lizard quilt with orange squares with island scenes with green surround with orange and other colored lizards in the green (applique).  I have the squares cut out and I want to get started but… I feel like I should finish the red one first.
I also had a bumper crop of roses.  I have collected a cup of petals.  They are drying and I think I will make potpourri sachet.
I made a great necklace and bracelet to match my pink lady sweater.  However, the first time I wore the necklace it disintegrated. So I have to string it on better thread.  I think I got most of the beads so it should be okay.