I am slowly cleaning and organizing my sewing space. One thing I always struggled with is storing medium lengths of fabrics. I have three sizes of fabric in my sewing room: scraps, 1/4 yard to 1 1/2 yards and larger. The scraps I store in metal popcorn bins. I fold the 1/4 yard to 1 1/2 yard into four-inch squares using my ruler as a guide. The larger pieces I fold into ten inch squares- again using my ruler.

I had sorted my four-inch square fabric into shoe box size containers by color. This was semi successful because the boxes would not close, so they weren’t stack-able, and some fabric didn’t fit neatly into one color category or the other. However, I could put my hands on it quickly and transport it to other parts of the house if I wished.

I had wanted to store this all in one group but didn’t really like the way it looked on the existing shelves I had. Initially, I asked my husband to build shelves to hold the shoe box containers. We had several 1×4 in the basement that from when we took Eliott’s bed apart. They were all roughly the same length but were too narrow so would have to be put together somehow or I would need to buy wood. Then, it occurred to me: why try to store the containers? Why not just store the fabric?

So here it is:


I will need to refold some of this fabric. However, I love the rainbow and the easy access. Thanks, Steve, for being willing to pound it together for me!

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