I did something fun last week.  I cut some 2 1/2 squares for a friend who is doing a charm quilt.  She suggested that I cut some for myself as well.  This is what I ended up with: a snapshot of my scrap collection.  This is every quilting fabric I have in my scraps.  To be clear, scraps for me are pieces of fabric that are smaller than a fat quarter.  With my awesome organizational skills, I have determined that a fat quarter (give or take a little) is the smallest size that I can neatly fold.  So my scraps are stored randomly.  Whenever I start a quilt I go through them and pull all of the colors for that particular quilt.

So it turned out I had ninety-nine.  So I had include one more from my grandmother stash to make an even hundred.  I will use mine for a leader and enders over the next few months.  It’s great to look at these little swatches because they are full of such great memories.   The yellow plaid one is from a shirt my son had when he was about four.  The bright red floral, call it b-7, is from a weird maternity dress I never actually wore.

One of the things I love about quiltmaking, is the lines that can be drawn between work.  In painting, an artist may have motif that repeat, or a color scheme, but in quiltmaking the fabric can often draw relationships between work.  Also, for me personally, the fabric can have great meaning and memory.  I love the idea that some of these lines are now drawn across the country to a new completely different line of work.

Happy birthday, Dad!

Happy Birthday, Dad!

I hope you are having a great day! I’m so glad you are my dad.  I know that you are a huge part of the reason I write at all, and if there is any skill at in my writing that speaks also to your influence. And not just because of the enormous amount of grammar correcting you did when I was a kid.  My kids think you are awesome. They love to spend time with you and you really have influenced them to be sportsmen, something I know they will enjoy their whole lives. Take care and eat lots of cake!

On another note, the mystery is solved.  Paul solved it (after being under suspicion all weekend). He said – “Hey, Mom, you found your cutter!”  I was confused about this statement because no, I hadn’t found my cutter.  It turns out I hadn’t ever lost it.  I had organized it right out of my frame of consciousness by hanging it up so neatly.  You may notice I am filing this under life lessons.  Why?  What is the lesson?  Don’t clean so much because it confuses me?  I can’t work when I am too organized?

tools of the trade

One more post about my visit to my mom.  We picked up this iron at a garage sale.  It is awesome.  It has buttons for the different fiber content, and is very heavy.  It was two dollars and so much better than my other irons which are very lightweight.  The extra weight really flattens things.  It is ironic that the reason the lady at the garage sale was getting rid of it was because it was too heavy.  I love it.  It is digital, and beeps when it reaches the proper temperature.  The cord is retractable.  It has a huge steam reservoir, I have only refilled it twice in a month.  It is a Conair OneTouch Digital.  Great deal for two dollars.  I remember visiting my mother-in-law and using her iron.  I asked her where her little spray bottle of water was to spritz the fabric.  She said, “Why do I need that?  I have a good iron.”  I finally get it.


I just finished the book, Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things.  I read it in two days.  I am a big fan of Hoarders.   This book is case studies of  the same type of people on that show.  As well as glimpsing into some pretty frightful situations, the book discusses what the authors believe are causes of the disorder.  They also bring up the different nuances of hoarding and strategies they have found successful in treating hoarding.  I couldn’t put it down.

As you know, from reading this blog, I struggle with moving things along to their next journey.  I am blessed with more of God’s resources right now than I have ever had, and I am trying not to squander these financial blessings.  Even saying that out loud, gives me a little panic attack so I temper that statement with:  I am not rich by standards of any first world nation.  But I have a lovely little house, and my family never goes hungry.  I have a beautiful sewing machine and many other objects that God has blessed me with by allowing me to work hard.  I don’t want to waste any of the blessings he has sent my way.  I want to use everything up completely.

I’m getting better at sending things on their way, sometimes to Goodwill, sometimes to trash.  It’s hard, and in no way am I a hoarder. Yet I sympathize with these people deeply and their slightly warped view of their lives. Their reasoning resonates with me and makes a strange sort of sense, if taken to the extreme.

new craft

Yes.  I am thinking about it.  Even though my studio is so full that I have been throwing stuff out as much as possible,  I am thinking about starting a new craft.  My son is graduating next spring and I am getting a little nostalgic.  I am thinking of taking up making scrapbooks.  It makes sense.  I make college and greeting cards.

To that end, I bought 6 pages at Michael’s yesterday.  The pages are fairly cheap if you only look at the fact that they are a quarter, and overlook the fact, that I was paying a quarter for one sheet of paper.  Albeit, beautiful paper.  P got to pick out some which he was almost excited about.  I will get some photos of the projects soon.


So I eliminated seven things from my wardrobe.  Two of those were a beautiful skirt and a tank that happened to be the same color.  However, the tank had a spot in a very difficult area to conceal and the skirt ALWAYS made me look frumpy.  But I loved the edge on the skirt.  So I combined them to make a lovely pillow case.

Here’s a close up of the embroidery.  The pillow turned out quite lovely. 

I did get rid of 5 more things to give away.  So I was down 7, however I found 3 things I had not yet counted so I am back up to 155.  The battle continues.  I do believe if I get rid of everything that doesn’t fit me, or look good I can make it.