February UFO

My February UFO is this angel quilt:


Paul picked this one. I have several other projects that I would have given precedence. But I set up the game so I play. I have several problems. One is the metal object in the center of the sun. This is a watch back with the month dial and a polished rock bead glued to it. It is a great object but I didn’t think to put holes into it before I superglued it. It is not attached as well as I would like. Also the angels faces are from a Christmas greeting card. If I redid this, I would copy the images to fabric somehow instead of attaching the card itself.
I have my work cut out for me but this still is a piece that I love. I haven’t worked on a piece like this for a long time: a painterly piece. Most of the things I have been working on lately are clothing or more traditional quilts. I am excited to see where it will go.

No, it’s not my birthday


On Wednesday, I received a mysterious package from my sister.  Inside was this beautiful set:

A matching necklace, bracelet and earrings.  I love it!  Every bead is different and beautiful.  I wore the set twice last week.  It matches so many things I already have- this skirt in particular has the exact same colors!

Thanks again, Becky!

july ufo done

Yes, it is finished!  I absolutely love it! I am so happy with the way the flames worked out.  They are actually my favorite part.  They are made of layers of sheers, some of them painted and also beads.  I started this quilt on January 22, 2011, so I actually finished this one fairly quickly- only a year and a half.  Oh yeah- and the actual name is Angel Quilt 2: Apocalypse.

april ufo finish

Finally, a UFO finish in 2012!  A long time ago, my mom had made my family some wonderful personalized stockings.  However, this was so long ago, that it was before Paul was born.  I loved those stockings but I could never find an exact match of the fabric she had used so Paul could have one just like it. Finally, last year I saw these wonderful stockings on clearance after Christmas.  In order to keep the feeling of those original stockings with me, I used the fabric to make the monogrammed circles you see on these and recycled the trim.  I added trim to the cuff and gold beads to each quilted intersection.

chicken comes homes home to roost – February ufo wrapup

No, it’s not done, nor will it be in five days.  But I made significant progress.  I painted it, layered the batting and backing and did a great deal of quilting.  Then yesterday, I added the chicken prince.  Paul and I spent some time with markers, going over the black lines.

I think it really pops now.  But I need to do some more hand quilting.  I want to add a frame, then add more batting and a new back.  I will then machine quilt it, and finally add beads.  It may be a 2013 ufo.


My work is having a charity event so I sat down yesterday and made some earrings for them to sell.  It’s funny how long it takes to make something when you haven’t done it for a while.  I spent a lot of time putting them together, then taking them apart.  I ended up with two more pairs that I kept because I liked them so much.  The bronze and red pair on the lower right I made an exact copy for myself. I also will probably remake the yellow ones in the top left for myself.  I didn’t like them at first but now they are really starting to grow on me.  I did some other sewing that I am not quite ready to share yet.

Merry Christmas!

We made our tree in 1990 or 1989.  It is beautiful, but was getting a little beat up and dull.  My husband spray painted it with silver paint and perked it up.  The star, however, orginally made from a clothes hanger, a white nylon stocking and gold ribbon was done.  So, yesterday, I made a new star.

On the tree…

I like this picture…


Merry Christmas and God bless you!

what kind of artist are you?

I read this article yesterday: What Kind of Seed Beader are you?  by Kristal Wick.  Although it is meant for seed beading, I think it is easy to generalize to artists in general.  So what kind of artist am I?

The Artful Beader

You create one-of-a-kind, complicated, out-of-the-box designs for the sheer sake of beauty. If you had to make another one or teach a class, you’d faint! You’re more the “art for art’s sake” type of beader, taking the less traveled path, rarely following a pattern. Your creations are pretty unique, mixing wire, beads, and other media together.

Your motto: Impossible you say, bring it on!

This is totally me.  I rarely make the same project twice, and if I do, it is always significantly different.  Usually, there is something unresolved in the project that I want to play out if I do make another.  Right now, I am considering making a second tiny angel quilt.  The first one turned out wonderfully, but I think I may do a second one with a completely different palette. (By the way, my husband gave me both a compliment and a burn on that same piece:  He said, ” Now, you made a pot holder.” Luckily for him, before that he had said, “It looks like a painting.”  For him, this is the ultimate compliment.)

100 things

I just read about the 100 thing challenge.  I immediately thought of the two areas where my hoarding tendencies are barely held in check: my clothing and my craft materials/tools.  So I did a quick inventory of my clothing.  I have a book that is a visual catalogue of all my clothes.  Perhaps it is a sign that I have too many things that I have photos of all my clothes.  Anyway, it makes it easy to count.  I have 163 items of clothing.  This does NOT count socks, underwear and various foundation pieces.  Also, a few things I bought this summer to wear next winter.  SO!  I am going to try to get down to 100 items.  I am not quite sure if I will include each undergarment or categories of items.  It seems like a cheat.  If I just said:  shirts or even short sleeve shirts, I would definitely be under 100 items.  Anyway, I think achieving the 100 items with categories for undergarments will be a major breakthrough.  By the way, this does include jewelry and shoes.

To begin this process, I will go through my items again.  This time, I will look at each item by comfort, style and whether I have worn it in the last season appropriate for it.  I know this is crazy, but I can’t help it, my inner hoarder has to be rationalized.

On the other end of the spectrum is my craft room.  In that room, I am only using categories.  I have to.  I have over 100 drawing items, pieces of fabric and beads.  I am at sixty categories or things.  I am trying to make the categories not too broad.  I did get rid of five things yesterday.  Good start.