almost there


Last Christmas I made a denim quilt with a polar fleece back. I asked my husband to remove the pins while he watched football. He fell in love with the warmth and weight of the quilt and asked me to make one for him. Now it is nearly done. He chose all of the fabric that is not denim.  The plaid fabric is from Paul’s old flannel shirt.

I am hoping to get it pin basted today.

mock cathedral windows quilt – November ufo finished

Yes, I did it!

finished quiltI finished it, Friday, so I even actually finished it in November.  I am happy with it.  There is a small amount of pattern but it is not super rigid. In the end I added some brighter colors, notably yellow, green and orange that lightened it up a little.


Challenges:  Some of the blocks on the edge didn’t meet up perfectly and I have a little anxiety that  since none of the blocks overlap each other the structure of the quilt is highly dependent on thread.  If you make this quilt, it takes a huge amount of thread. Also, the last few seams are really difficult because of the weight and stiffness of the quilt.

ufo on track

So, I have five more parts and this is done.  Right now I am out of thread, but I plan to go to Joanne’s tonight to remedy that.  Then I have two more squares left with the red edge, then three more seams and then three more finishing sections and I am done!  Yay!

November ufo

What quilt is this that laid to rest under my sewing table for nearly a year?  Can you see it peeking out of the random materials I laid on top of it?  Yes, we are finally back to the denim cathedral windows quilt. I have great faith that I will finish it in November.

Now, October, that was a wash.  Although I made progress, neither of my October quilts got finished.  Next year I will give them each their own month.  I really want to get those quilts mended.

September, now, that is a big surprise.  I just finished the September ufo, and will be doing a wrap up this week.  Yay!

Also, I have big news-  I will be showing three of my quilts at the holiday party at my work.  I work at a big corporation, so I will have the opportunity to show my work to a couple of thousand people.  I am excited!  I have started preparations:  I need to more professionally hang the three quilts, I ordered some business cards with this blog’s name on it, and I am planning to make a look book with my quilts in it.  My mom gave me a couple of quilt brag books last year so I will be definitely fleshing those out to show.  I know I already said it but I’m really excited!

ufo 2012

Judy at Patchwork Times is doing another UFO project for 2012, and I am going to give it a shot again.  I had seven finishes out of twelve last year so I am feeling that I was successful.  Only four of my projects are going to be a repeat for 2012 (one I just gave away, so while technically not a finish, it is gone)  So here is my list for 2012:

1. Chicken quilt 1 – Prodigal chicken comes home from war to opulent city

2. Chicken quilt 2 – Country fried chicken

3. Denim cathedral windows quilt

4. Paul’s quilt

5. Ducky quilt – this is a newer quilt, only in my my mind so far with only 3 pieces cut out and the templates even though I have been thinking about it for over a year.  A long way to go, so my goal is only to make progress.

6 .Repair Grandma’s quilt 1 and 2- I came into possession of two of my grandmother’s quilts.  I want to mend them.  They don’t need a huge amount of work, it’s just a matter of getting to it.

7. Dark angel quilt, mend bathroom rug.

8. Christmas star kit and g. cross stitch- this star kit I have been meaning to work on for a full year.  The cross stitch is over 4 years old at least again for the cross stitch it is just to make progress.  Since the kit is mostly working on the computer, I figure it is a good pair.

9. Grandmother’s flower garden- again a very old project.  I have several pieced, and the goal is to get the top pieced at least.

10.Christmas stockings

11. Hawaiian quilt – this one needs a total work over.  I feel like it should be cut into small art quilts.

12. Angel card quilt

quilting queue

I finished pin basting two more quilts yesterday morning:

This one is pinned at least.  I don’t have any intention on how to quilt it yet.  Next week I probably will do some hand quilting on Saturday morning.  I backed it with red polar fleece (you can see a little bit in the right corner) so it will require less quilting.  I may still tie it.  I have some problems still with some squares that have some stains or holes in them.  I will probably do some hand quilting on those squares.

As I was pinning this one, it became very apparent to me how to quilt it.  I debated doing some hand quilting, but I am certain it should be machine quilted.  I have ideas for most of the quilt already. Since it is so obvious what direction I am taking with this quilt, I will probably quilt it next.  I have four quilts in queue for quilting right now, these two, the other small quilt and the denim cathedral window quilt.  I have that quilt in four pieces, but three of the separate quarters are nearly done.

lost rotary cutter

I lost my rotary cutter and it was my big sewing Saturday. Sigh. So, I did what I always tell my kids to do when they can’t find something – clean.  Here’s what I found:

 The front of a Spiderman t-shirt.

A lizard embroidery.

A half-finished block.

A grandmother’s flower garden block from my grandmother.

No, no rotary cutter. I did sew some more on my cathedral windows quilt. And now, I have a clean studio.

By the way, for those keeping track, I have not finished my September ufo.  It is a large cross stitch.  I did make significant progress, but still a long way to go.  October’s ufo is five, which was Eliott’s graduation book.  I finished that in May for his graduation.  So, I plan to work on the cross stitch for another month.

little bits

I am up to things they are just small things.  I started a new ender leader quilt. My denim ender leader quilt is nearly finished, the top anyway, needing only a border then to be quilted.  I am following in the footsteps of Deanna over at Wedding Dress Blue.  She is on her second leader ender quilt with two inch squares.  When I began to cut these, I thought, “Wow, these are tiny squares!”  And Deanna is already on her second quilt.  That’s why I am inspired by her!

So on the larger side of things, this cathedral windows quilt is slowly plugging along.  I have combined it to the point I only have eight components.  I have cut the next set of insert squares.  I am trying to put it together in a way that I don’t have too much to stuff under my sewing machine.  It is a heavy quilt and is becoming huge.  As I have said many times, my quilts end up the size they end up and this one ended up BIG!


Yesterday I was so productive.  I woke up at six am and really worked.  I got all of the orange centers put in the denim quilt.  Now the next step is arranging the squares, making decisions about what other colors to put in.  I already know that the very outer edge will be yellow and the very center will be yellow, but besides that anything can happen.  I love this part of the process. (Also, notice our new sidewalk.  Shovelling will be a breeze next year.)

I worked some more on Paul’s quilt and have one denim pocket square done and another crow’s beak square nearly there.  Made the decision yesterday that finished block size will be 12 inches.  Other than that the game is wide open.

I did a little cross stitch on my ufo.  I am slowly making headway on it, trying to work on it every day.  Cross stitch is so slow going.


Leader-ender denim

I have been  quietly working on a Leader Ender quilt.  When you begin a chain of piecing and you end chain of piecing, it is best to use a scrap of fabric.  When it sewn that way, there is no thread waste on the chain.  These scraps are called leader enders.  So instead of just using a scrap of fabric, someone had the idea to cut blocks and assemble them into quilts.  These are usually simple quilts because they are made in between. I got the idea from Deanna over at Wedding Dress Blue. So while I was cutting out the circle denim quilt, I cut these squares with the scraps.  I have been sewing them together when ever I piece and this is what I have so far.  T