accomplishment 2008

Last day of 2008, a good day to look forward – and back.
Things completed in 2008:
Best: red quilt, mom’s little quilt for 60th birthday, Jan’s fabric postcard
Most appreciated: Eliott’s jeans
Weirdest: purple pj remix
Still in progress:  Lizard quilt, Grandmother’s flower garden


I finished the red quilt last week.  I’m so excited.  Steve took many photos.  I showed some friends that we had over for a pre-thanksgiving dinner.  It is beautiful, although I am not as happy with it technically as I am with its beauty and meaning.
I got some fabric for the lizard quilt and it is progressing.  Steve and I found some beautiful batiks after almost destroying the quilting department by looking at every green, black and batik fabric there.  I ended up with a tan/ orange background batik with small brown lines all over that resemble branches.  It is not my orginal intention, dark green, but very functional and prettier.  I will be adding leaves and lizards, which I am very excited to start on.
I also sewed the pockets on the small tote bag I am making.  It was slow going because on Saturday I got caught up in the lizard quilt. Hopefully, on Thanksgiving, I will get more done. 
I have the photos at home, so I will soon be posting them.

sewing lessons

I started the Bernina lessons last night.  They are interesting.  I think I will learn some things although last night it was very little.  I’m sure as the weeks progress, I will learn a little more.
What I learned:
Store thread out of light and dust.
European threads are better. (Something to use my discount coupons for)
Pull the thread from the front of the machine not the back.
So – today I’m going to find some cans to put my best thread in a container.
I have quilted all of the squares for the red quilt.  I am very happy with it, although it is VERY random.  I call it crazy sampler journal.  I will get some photos up soon when Steve and I decide how they should go together.  If he can’t decide by Friday, I will decide and piece it.  Saturday am is my major sewing day.

New quilt

It is not really a new quilt.  I found these partly finished quilt blocks that I had made a long time ago.  On Saturday, it was warm enough to put in a few hours in my sewing room.  I worked for almost 3 hours with no interruptions. I thought my kids were sick.  Anyway, it was nice Christmas gift.  I finished one block and made a decision on how to finished the rest.  I decided to hand quilt them as blocks.  I have machine quilted blocks alone and then stitched them after so it isn’t the first time.  However, it is the first time I will have hand-quilted them.
My mom gave me some wonderful new beads and a new organizer box. I spent a few happy hours yesterday sorting beads. I’m thinking that I may use them on the quilt.