christmas craft

Christmas crafting is in full swing for me. My most mysterious gift is this one:


I have a great deal of denim (thanks, mom). I leave its end use a mystery. These squares are part of it.


This is a quilt that I make every year.  The top is done.  This one turned out particularly well color wise, it really glows:


Here is the back.  Sandy gave this fabric to me a while ago (thanks) and I finally found the project that fits it. It reminds me of my favorite U2 song: Who’s going to run your wild horse.


productive weekend

Well, I have been pretty incommunicado today.  One phone is down and the internet went down for no reason.  Yet, I had a really productive weekend.

Here is my half-done rug.  Simply denim strips sewn to a worn out rug.  Then I fold the last strip and but the next one right against it to make the shag.

This is also for my August ufo, but I will save the next show and tell until Thursday.  I painted these two fabrics.