Christmas crafting

Yes, it is truly Christmas.  I am Christmas crafting in earnest. I started this little quilt for one of Steve’s students who is has an American Girl.


I finished this on Thanksgiving.  Yesterday we made a foray into the crazy world of post Thanksgiving JoAnne’s to pick up fabric. Seriously, we had number 45 and they were on 83 when we arrived.  In any case, we were able to get some beautiful fabric for the frame and back.

I also finished this top.  I am really happy with it:DSC04779

I love the triangles.  Now it just needs to be quilted.

not sure

Well, I am nearing the end of this quilt.  It is a quilt for Paul.  He specifically chose red and black as the color scheme.  Then, we went to the fabric store and he fell in love with this Asian themed fabric.  He said for me to use as much as possible in his quilt.  I’m not completely sure it works.

On another note, I went through all of my boxes of scraps and organized them.  I was looking for yellow fabric for the flower quilt.  I found a few good yellow scraps, but I also found a bag of cut squares.  They were in my aunt’s things. However,  I think they were actually my grandmother’s because of the color scheme and also because I got a very similar bag when she died. I have been doing leaders and enders, but my box of little squares is getting sparse.  After the first denim ender leader quilt, I cut some two-inch squares.  Every time I am piecing a quilt, I piece a few in the same color scheme.  Then, I tend to incorporate them into that quilt.  You can see them in the doll quilts.  Anyway, it was nice to refresh my pile of ender leader pieces without actually having to cut them myself.

finished doll quilts

Here are the two finished doll quilts.  I brought them up a few weeks ago  to our family Christmas gathering for my little nieces.  It is so fun to have a couple of little girls to sew for.  I wanted Mary Beth to have a matching quilt for her baby dolls to the quilt I gave her. It’s always fun for the cousins to have matching gifts. We always make lists for the kids for the Christmas exchanges. When I got their lists and there was no mention of baby dolls or clothes, I had a little panic attack.   I quickly called my mom and asked her if they still played with baby dolls.  She said they still did, so I finished these up for them.

Here’s a picture of my little niece opening it up:

I stole this photo from my sister’s blog : joys of childhood. Isn’t she sweet?  She is still little enough that she might be able to use it for a nap, too!

quilting queue

I finished pin basting two more quilts yesterday morning:

This one is pinned at least.  I don’t have any intention on how to quilt it yet.  Next week I probably will do some hand quilting on Saturday morning.  I backed it with red polar fleece (you can see a little bit in the right corner) so it will require less quilting.  I may still tie it.  I have some problems still with some squares that have some stains or holes in them.  I will probably do some hand quilting on those squares.

As I was pinning this one, it became very apparent to me how to quilt it.  I debated doing some hand quilting, but I am certain it should be machine quilted.  I have ideas for most of the quilt already. Since it is so obvious what direction I am taking with this quilt, I will probably quilt it next.  I have four quilts in queue for quilting right now, these two, the other small quilt and the denim cathedral window quilt.  I have that quilt in four pieces, but three of the separate quarters are nearly done.

thankful and pinned

Happy Thanksgiving!  I only have Thursday off this year, but I had a great morning talking to my mom and pin basting this first small quilt.  I did a little hand stitching around the hexagon.  I tried tying some of it, but it didn’t seem right.  I will have to spend some time looking at it before I quilt it.  I have no ideas yet.

I hope you are having as lovely of a Thanksgiving.  Since my husband always cooks,  I pretty much just have to pick up a little.  He’s one of the things I am thankful for!  It’s hard not to feel blessed this year:  All my family is healthy and safe, from my parents down to my littlest nephew. Two boys that are doing great in school.  A solid roof and a new (to us) car. A new job that is still less stressful and more fun. Take care and have a turkeyful day!

another small quilt top done

Here is the second small quilt top done. I think I  love this one even more.  I had the large center completed when I started.  It was left over from the Valentine quilt I made last April for Mary Beth.  I used improvisational piecing to put the rest of the blocks together.  I used almost no measuring.  Much of the cutting I did with just scissors and my eye.

I want to point out especially the upper corner.  This is a good way to solve the problem of your corners not meeting perfectly when you are piecing.  Cut them diagonally and sew a strip down the middle. 

Also, notice the small areas of checkerboard, those are my ender leader squares.  While I was piecing, I was doing ender leader with my little tray of two inch squares.  Of course, I was picking the ones that matched my thread and therefore, my quilt.  I realized I could use them in this quilt instead of their own thing.

By the way, if you want to learn more about the Miche bags, I have posted a new blog about the Prima bag at April Style Journal.

new quilt

I’ve had this idea for a small quilt for a while using the scraps from Mary Beth’s quilt and here it is. Since I had half the squares done already it came together really quickly.