not so new skirt plus bonus

I looked back and I never posted this skirt.  I bought the fabric for a birthday present.  I spent a lot of time on it because of the plaid. I sewed it, then ripped it out completely and then hand basted it together to get the plaid to match, well not exactly, but close enough.


I finished the back of the landscape quilt last weekend.  Of course, I bought too little fabric. Because it takes more effort to go back to the fabric store, I added some blocks and other batik fabric.



very close!


So I just realized I hadn’t updated about this dress for a long time.  I have, however, been working on it quite steadily.  Is it more dramatic when I take photos along the way or just suddenly appear with a nearly finished garment?  In any case, it is nearly done, just a few stitches inside to hold the elastic and the hem.

I have to say I have a few problems with the design.  Nearly the entire front is lined, but the back skirt is not.  Because it is so thin I will need to carefully choose my undergarment.  Also, the multi layer in the front makes it droop slightly from the weight.  If I make it again, I may leave the front drape off or make it smaller.  Ultimately, the fabric is too light for the back and to heavy for the front.

All that aside, I am pleased with the way it turned out.  The fabric is super soft and comfortable. I think I did a pretty good job, and when I am one hundred per cent done: I will model it.

Getting it Done – February!

I really want to get done in February:
1) Finish piecing Ducky quilt frame blocks.
2) Finish dress.
3) Mend grandmother’s utility quilt.
4) Sew frame blocks together.

Things I seriously hope to get done:
1) Nook Cover (poor naked nook)
2) Quilt first frame side.
3) Quilt second frame side.
4) Attach first frame panel to quilt.

Getting It Done – January!

I’m pretty proud of myself to the progress I have made this month!

So for January I really want to get done:

1. Get the background of the center part of the Ducky quilt pieced. Done!


2. Get the flowers appliqued to the center part of the Ducky quilt. Done!


3. Pick a pattern and fabric for my first garment of the year. Done!


4. Finish mending the t-shirt quilt.  This I have to admit I didn’t get done.  I decided that quilt was unmendable and would have to be cut up and reassembled.  Instead I mended this quilt.


Things I seriously hope to get done:

1. Get the center part of the Ducky quilt basted. Done!

2. Get the center part of the Ducky quilt quilted. Done!


3. make a nook cover – This I didn’t get done. Sigh!

4. get the fabric for my first garment of the year cut. Done!

All in all, I am happy with my progress.  Later today I will have my list for February!

get it done item- buy fabric for the first garment of the year


Here is another “Get it done” item done!  I bought this fabric last week.  I also bought a pattern: McCall’s 6713.  If you look at the link the girl is on a bike.  Hopefully, I will actually be able to ride a bike in this dress.  That would be awesome.  I love the forties sort of style, and usually a wrap silhouette is flattering for me. I am a little unnerved by the shoulder pads, so I didn’t buy them.  Having lived through the eighties once, I tend to cut out all shoulder pads out purchased garments.  Also, as I have gained a little weight since the eighties, I feel like I probably don’t need them. In any case, I figured I would go back to the store and get them at the end if I wanted to.  I had hoped to cut the dress this weekend but I didn’t get the fabric ironed.  I did get the center of the ducky quilt sandwich basted, so I guess one morning of crawling around on my hands and knees per weekend is enough.  I plan to have my intern quilt a little bit every day this week on the quilt, then may be next weekend I will get the dress cut out.

wedding highlights.

Finally, after all the anticipation, the wedding! It was a beautiful wedding. Here’s the bride and groom.

Here’s the cool bridesmaids.

These were the beautiful centerpieces that my mom and sisters made.  I helped assemble them at the church. Each one was unique.

And here is a snapshot of one of my contributions, the garters:

What a great time!

finished apron skirt

Yes! I made this yesterday.  I was particullarly proud because I have been very sick all week with a head cold.  But yesterday, I just barely well enough to make this.  Patti had given me a gift card to the fabric store for Christmas this year and this was one of the fabrics I bought.  I am excited to wear it to church today.

Steve and I also went to the fabric store and bought the fabric for the back of Paul’s quilt.  I especially love the lobster fabric.

These were two fabrics we picked up in the clearance area to make shorts for Steve.  By the way, never go the fabric store with your husband when you are sick.  You will buy three times your budget (even with all of your coupons) and volunteer to make shorts.  This is actually not everything we bought. I shouldn’t complain.  He was willing to drive me there when I was sick and walk around for an hour and even sort through the fabrics I picked out for Paul.  He even knows if there is more than one roll of fabric to pick the one with the least yardage so I can get the end piece at half off. I’m also secretly a little excited to make the shorts.

green velvet

I imagine they were specially dyed for someone’s wedding but now they’re mine!  Green velvet shoes.  Who would ever buy such a thing.  Me, apparently.  I love them.  I wore them to work yesterday, and they were awesome!    I went to Savers looking for black or navy shoes and then there these were.  Three dollars!

Anyway this raises a lot of fun questions:

How far into March can one wear emerald-green velvet?  (I usually put my velvet aside toward the end of January, although I did were my velour skirt longer this year.)

How many pairs of winter shoes can Roberta own that can’t be worn when there is snow on the ground, rain or any sort of dampness outside if she lives in Minnesota?  (Apparently, at least three, if she has snow boots.)

How many green outfits can I assemble right now? (Actually, none that are the right color green.  I guess I need to go shopping to buy an emerald-green dress and emerald-green tights.  Isn’t St. Patrick Day coming up?)

gone, now back

Paul and I went on a trip to help my sister pick out her wedding dress.  I had a great time seeing everybody and being a part of the preparations of the wedding. We took a bunch of pictures but I forgot my camera at home ( and my address book, my color swatches) so the pictures are all on my sister and sil’s cameras.  It’s nice to be home although, and I had a great surprise when I got home.  My sweet husband had cleaned the house top to bottom. More on Thursday.

new skirt

Last weekend I made finished this skirt.   It is just a simple tube, with a slit.  The waistband is elastic.  It is actually made out of a ribbed knit fabric I got a couple years back on clearance for two dollars a yard.  I found that it has a tendency to stick to nylons and then twist.  However, strangely enough, if the slit is right in this exact position, it is fine.  This is good, because I really don’t like to wear a slip.  Also, with this skirt, I would have to sew the slit closed to wear a slip.  It’s funny, something like this is the simplest kind of project, and yet I know I will wear it quite a bit.  I don’t have as many solid colored skirts as I would like.  I have tons of patterned skirts.

By the way, although I did dye my hair red it really is NOT this red in person.