Jean transformation

I missed last weekend because I was out-of-town.  I am working on a pattern from Alabama Stitch Project. I will have full review in the next few weeks.

In the mean time, I did some dying this week. Remember these jeans?


This what the lighter pair looks like now:


I plan to make them into shorts.  I love this new color- although if you look closely you can see the mint green zipper.




Ocean blue

Lazy, lazy weekend. I took an extra day which gave me energy to do a little dyeing. I am making a wilderness landscape and I wanted fish in the little pond. But the fish fabric I bought had a white background. I decided to dye it blue.

I used a Dylon dye in Ocean Blue.  I will tell you when I mixed I freaked a little because the dye bath looked purple!  But I already had it mixed, so I soldiered ahead. I was happy in the end with the results.

You can tell from the mottled end result that I did not mix the fabric as it was in the bath at all.  I also added some miscellaneous fabric that I had lying around also:


And this embroidered fabric:


I have no idea how I will use it but it really came out beautifully.

I know I running late today, but I have the Walking Dead Season 3 out from the library.  I must retire now to the zombie apocalypse.

landscape quilt

I guess I haven’t said but I have been thinking that quilt is called the landscape quilt.  Mainly because of the colors and the horizontal orientation.

I put this quilt into four patches.  Then I spent last weekend laying out the squares.


I just didn’t like it no matter how I arranged it.  There was too much going on.  What bothered me the most were the green and white stripes which were just too garish or Christmassy.  So after much thought, I dyed them.


I put together a dye wash and painted the parts I didn’t like.  I wrapped them up in plastic bags and left them overnight to process.

Of course, I over estimated how much I needed.  So I had a jar full of activated dye, so picked up a few pieces of random fabric that I thought would be much improved by dying.


I just pushed the fabric down and turned the jar a little bit to get the dye to come partway up the sides.  In the end, the dye saturated all layers.


I was very happy with how the patches turned out. It was enough of a change to tone down the white stripes.  I wonder if my dye is getting old or if I need to use some urea to make the color a little more intense. That being said for this quilt it is perfect.


My “jar” fabric also turned out great. Unfortunately, I can’t show you a before picture, but here is the after:


The dots, hearts and stripes are a light blue.  It makes this fabric less Christmassy, less garish.  I have already put together some of the patches so my goal is to have the top done by next weekend.

ducky quilt update

So, Saturday I decided to work on the ducky quilt.  I haven’t worked on it really since it was the ufo for the month.  I wanted to begin on the background.

I began by sorting through my ender leaders, then went on to pulling fabric out of my scraps. I had the idea of creating a backdrop that is green and blue like plants and the sky.I found a significant number of swatches that worked but weren’t exactly the kind of bright background I wanted.

So I broke open the dye and as you see in the first image at the top of this post, did a little low water immersion.

The results were really close to my intention.  The middle one was originally white.  It must have a significant amount to polyester in it because it just doesn’t pick up the dye like I would like.  The others I really like but there was not nearly enough.  So finally, I had to break down and go to the fabric store.

I’m so excited to start piecing this!

again, not much sewing

In other shocking news, Eliott cut of his dreds.

So, here he is before haircut.  He asked me for a cut and dye.

Here he is after cutting off the dreds and then dying it black. Completely different!  Wow! What a makeover!

And here he is all dressed and ready to take on the world!

Finally a use for snow…

 I am no fan of snow.  But finally I found a winter sport I could get behind.  I saw some posts for snow dying and I got really excited.

Here’s a picture of my project right after I assembled it.

If you want to try it yourself there are two links:

Bloom, Bake & Create Snow Dyeing Part 1

Bloom, Bake & Create Snow Dyeing Part 2

I laid down several layers of fabric under the snow.  First, one of Eliott’s white t-shirts.

This turned out very well. There is nice blending, but the colors came out pretty intense.  The next layer I did was some plain muslin.  My son had stencilled on it: a flame, a staff and a snake; but besides that it was all off-white.

The blue line is the snake stencil.  I still had pretty intense colors and some blending, some sharp edges.  In this next photo, you can see the flame, the staff and the snake.

The bottom layer was some random white fabric.  I think it was a lining for a skirt.  It is probably a cotton/polyester blend.  It really didn’t accept the dye very well.  I believe this is the fiber content that caused this, not the process or the fact that was on the bottom.  Here’s the photos in any case:

I did like the process. It was very clean for a dyeing process, and I ended up with some intense colors.  Next time I will be more intentional about how I lay the dye down on the snow.  I also want to experiment by melting the snow more quickly to see if I get distinct snow-like patterns.