busy week

We are have some friends coming over today so I have been doing crazy cleaning.   That combined with vacation bible school, back to school planning and anxiety (countdown to ninth grade: 7 days) have left me no time to sew.  So while I was at Savers in the back pack area, which conveniently is right next to the sewing section, I found a few treats.  First, because an idle mind daydreams on new projects not projects already started:


I am thinking about a sleeveless sweater.

My big surprise was this:


For 3 dollars I got this package of a couple of fat quarters and a bundle of six inch squares.  I could only see the top, so imagine my surprise when I discovered these:


In the inside of the pack some great pieces right in the palette for the friendship quilt! I can’t wait to show my friend when she comes over today!  My inspiration is reinvigorated. And hopefully in a week or so, I should have some actual sewing going on.

tropical friendship block


So last week while S and P were away, my friend, Veronica, came over and we finished this piece.  I was really excited because my math worked out.  I was feeling a little overwhelmed about putting it together knowing my penchant for chaos.  We worked on it quilting show style.  She was in charge of pressing and organization and I sewed.  It went very fast and efficiently with the two of us.  She had the idea to add the circle in the middle.  It really turned out great and looks like a palm frond.

what’s happening


I can’t remember if I showed you this block.  It is the first one I completed for the friendship quilt I am working on with my friend, Veronica. This photo from 123rf.com was the inspiration:

Petiole pattern of Traveller s Palm Stock Photo - 17205035

We have more layering to add.  I am working on another leaf pattern now.


Yes, the ducky quilt is done, but for binding!


And this is a new project.  It is my birthday skirt, bought with my birthday money and gift cards (thank you!).  I have it cut and waiting to begin.  Hopefully, next weekend.


Getting it Done wrap up

I really want to get done in March:

1) Buy and prepare fabric for Ducky quilt and tropical friendship quilt. Done!

2) Cut frame pieces. Done!

3) Quilt first frame. Done!


4) Assemble first block of Tropical Garden Friendship quilt (new project, more to come later) Done, photos to come!

Things I seriously hope to get done:

1) Prepare binding for Ducky quilt. Not done.

2) Attach first frame for Ducky quilt. Done!

3) Quilt second frame side. Done!

4) Mend utility quilt. Done, but now I washed it and because it is so fragile, it needs to be mended again. (Sigh)


Not bad for this month!  I am excited that I technically finished seven out eight!

I am posting one day early due to Easter.  I will be serving at Easter breakfast tomorrow so I will be very busy.  So, I pass one more thing on to you:

He is risen! Alleluia!