happy birthday

What happened here twenty years ago today?  My beautiful boy was born. Now he is no longer a baby, a little boy, a bigger boy, an obnoxious teenager, but a beautiful young man, full of promise. Even all of those years ago he was exactly who he is now: curious, serious, and smart. 

I rarely do this, but I am feeling inordinately sentimental today, so I am going to share a poem I wrote back when he was a teenager and our relationship was changing:


How can someone I love like a tree loves the sun

hurt me so much?


I know this is natural

The sun withdraws its warmth

The trees weeps

And there is all that leaving


It’s as inevitable as the progression of the seasons

the way things ought to be

the way it has to be

the way I really want it to be


Still I can’t bear the chills of this long winter

I shiver and pull the covers up to my ear


I remember that first lovely spring

When I was your sunshine and you revolved around me


No longer

Now you are the earth and I am the moon


Frost covers me and I look at the misty distant future



When we each emerge

Irrevocably changed – battle scarred


Standing proud

But swaying to different winds.


I won’t say we are there yet, but I can see it on the horizon.  Eliott, even though I don’t really have a right to be, I am deeply proud of your accomplishments (you did it on your own, I just cheered).  You are an awesome person, and I love you.  I’m so glad I get to know you as my son.