grads and weddings

Life converges sometimes and things kind of all come together.  We were blessed to be invited to two special events this weekend.  The first was a wedding, for my cousin.  So I made the card above, with a red rose for love.  Steve helped.

Then our dear church friends’ son graduated.  This card has a real tiny tassel that I made.  I was really pleased how they both turned out.   Sometimes simple is best.

anniversary present

So, I think I mentioned this top-secret project in passing a couple of times.  I couldn’t post because sometimes my husband reads my blog.  I made this little heart-shaped scrapbook for my husband for our 20th anniversary.

Here’s the first page: our wedding day.  He really liked it.  I made all the pages to fit inside this satin heart-shaped box that I bought on clearance last Valentine’s Day.

What is so hilarious to me is that I was sure he saw it.  If there was a big heart-shaped box that looked like it once held chocolates in it in any location in my house, I would have definitely looked in it at least once to make sure there were no more chocolates.  My husband never did. 

I also know he loves me because when he opened it, he never asked where the chocolates had gone.

May ufo finished!

Graduation is Friday and the party is Saturday.  The scrapbook is done.  Here is a few of my favorite pages.  The one above is obviously him learning to ride his bike.  The one below is about when he was little how he would obsessively line things up.  I loved that.

God’s message

I don’t know if God speaks to you through your radio, but he does to me.  Now, he doesn’t tell me when the world is going to end.  He knows this would be a bad thing to do because I am usually driving when he talks to me.  If He told me when the end of the world was coming, I would definitely crash my car.  But he does give me messages through songs.  This morning I was so worried about all the things going on in my life, mostly happy things, but still stressful.  Then suddenly, I hear:

You’re so mean, when you talk about yourself, you were wrong
Change the voices in your head, make them like you instead
So complicated, look happy, you’ll make it!

Perfect-by Pink

Yes, I am mean when I talk to myself.  So, I laughed at myself, and moved out of my little haze of anxiety. Nice pep talk!

Anyway, I do have a picture to share as well. Here is a page from the graduation scrapbook.

So here is my baby.  I love the picture in the lower left corner.  He looks so mischievous even though he is just newborn.  I actually think he is looking around.  As a baby, he always had his eyes wide open, taking in the whole world.


I have been so busy with graduation plans, I haven’t taken any photos.  So I went through my old photos that I hadn’t used for the blog and found this one.  A few months ago we drove out to Yo-yo donuts and bought these donuts.  Do you see the bacon? The whole reason we went was because of the bacon donut.  It is a maple long  john with a slice of bacon on it.  Delicious.  The other ones were great, too. 

Anyway, I have been too busy to do much work except on Eliott’s scrapbook and photos.  I have spent the last 17 years shoving photos randomly in photo albums and boxes.  Now, I am trying to impose some kind of order on the photos.  Right now, I am just shooting for chronological order.  It would seem that since I acquired the photos in chronological order, I would have put them in the book in said order.  That is how a logical person would do it.  That imaginary mother would buy an album, fill it in order, then get another and do the same and so on.  I think I bought an album, filled it, then went back and put pictures I liked over older pictures I didn’t like as much.  Maybe that’s how.  Maybe a squirrel came in and rearranged them according to the squirrel’s alphabet.  Actually, I don’t remember.  I’m having a hard enough time guessing the order of the pictures based on size of the boy, whether or not his brother was in them or what glasses I’m wearing.  It has been fun to remember all those times.

ufo number 9

I can’t believe it but I gave ufo number 9 away!  It was denim dress that I had had for a couple years.  I loved the long line of silver buttons.  However, it always made me look dumpy.  So, since then I have had some influx of clothing.  So I let it go. 

Since next month is graduation, I will really start working on my son’s graduation scrapbook: another ufo.  I bought a book now, and I have several pages done.  I want to have it on display at his party and I am not near done.  I also have a top secret project that has a due date soon (more to come on that).