I do have some small sewing things, but there are some other fun things happening, too. First, it is finally sort of kind of spring. Even though there is a foot or so of snow in my yard it is 60 degrees today. Yay! I am so excited to get some warm air. Also, it is fun to dress without worrying if I will be too cold. Last weekend I had a great surprise. My boss, Victoria, gave me two beautiful scarves. The timing couldn’t have been better. I am/was so tired of my winter clothes and they were just what I needed to perk things up a bit.

The first one is a green floral and very springy. Now, several years ago I posted about a pair of green velvet shoes I bought at a garage sale. I haven’t had anything to wear with them, but this scarf is perfect:


It tied the lighter sweater with the shoes and these forest green tights I bought.

The other one is a beautiful blue plaid, my blue, which there are few and far between. I think it has an eighties feel which I love:


This my first and most obvious two outfits. I know there will be much more to come.

what’s happening


I can’t remember if I showed you this block.  It is the first one I completed for the friendship quilt I am working on with my friend, Veronica. This photo from 123rf.com was the inspiration:

Petiole pattern of Traveller s Palm Stock Photo - 17205035

We have more layering to add.  I am working on another leaf pattern now.


Yes, the ducky quilt is done, but for binding!


And this is a new project.  It is my birthday skirt, bought with my birthday money and gift cards (thank you!).  I have it cut and waiting to begin.  Hopefully, next weekend.


very close!


So I just realized I hadn’t updated about this dress for a long time.  I have, however, been working on it quite steadily.  Is it more dramatic when I take photos along the way or just suddenly appear with a nearly finished garment?  In any case, it is nearly done, just a few stitches inside to hold the elastic and the hem.

I have to say I have a few problems with the design.  Nearly the entire front is lined, but the back skirt is not.  Because it is so thin I will need to carefully choose my undergarment.  Also, the multi layer in the front makes it droop slightly from the weight.  If I make it again, I may leave the front drape off or make it smaller.  Ultimately, the fabric is too light for the back and to heavy for the front.

All that aside, I am pleased with the way it turned out.  The fabric is super soft and comfortable. I think I did a pretty good job, and when I am one hundred per cent done: I will model it.

2013 goals and dreams

I decided that even though Judy won’t be doing the ufo projects, I wanted a list of goals and dreams for 2013. So I have a three-part list, the first part is garments:
1. I plan to make four garments for myself this year one per season.
2. I also have some pieced fabric that I want to make a garment out of possibly a robe.

The second part is UFOs.

3. Ducky quilt.  I want to get this one done by spring for sure, but I would love to get it done by February.

4. City chicken quilt.

5. Country chicken quilt.

6. Angel quilt

7. crossstitch project
8. grandma’s cathedral windows

The third part is mending:

1. Fish quilt
2. t-shirt quilt
3. wedding ring quilt
4. my winter coat
5. Patchwork quilt
6. green pants

productive lazy day

I worked on the satin quilt on Friday afternoon so I had yesterday free to work on the angel quilt.  So I alternated between sewing and reading for the whole day, with two lovely breaks at a bag garage sale and a walk around the lake.  It was such a great day.

I began by using wonder under to glue the cardboard angels and the metal object to the surface.  Then I added a lining back and a batt. I know that I should add the real back and show all my stitches, but I like the freedom of making big knots on the back when I feel like it and then lining the back.  I know I won’t win any quilting awards, but I guess I will stick to my aesthetic on this one, especially after the partial failure that is the back of the Son Country Fried Chicken quilt.  Then I added a border and extended the angels’ gowns into that space (thanks, Deanna for the idea).  Now, I am adding parallel furrows around the border.

Then I broke for a great bag garage sale where they have a $2 bag sale at the end.  It is for a catholic school in my neighborhood and it is huge.  I bought mostly pants for my older son who, while working and going to school, has worn out most of his pants.  I found a couple of pairs of shorts for myself and several for him.  And I found some yardage that I can make either a pair of shorts or a dress for myself.  Also, some cotton quilting fabric and two coffee cups. All for $4.

Then I worked on a dress shirt that a friend had brought for me.  It is a men’s dress shirt size xxl or something.  I cut it down and removed the collar.  Hopefully, in the next few weeks I will get it sewn. By this time, the clothes I bought had been washed and dried.  I cut some black pants off and hemmed them so my son could wear them to work.  In between, this and after, I read two books.  What a great day!

green velvet

I imagine they were specially dyed for someone’s wedding but now they’re mine!  Green velvet shoes.  Who would ever buy such a thing.  Me, apparently.  I love them.  I wore them to work yesterday, and they were awesome!    I went to Savers looking for black or navy shoes and then there these were.  Three dollars!

Anyway this raises a lot of fun questions:

How far into March can one wear emerald-green velvet?  (I usually put my velvet aside toward the end of January, although I did were my velour skirt longer this year.)

How many pairs of winter shoes can Roberta own that can’t be worn when there is snow on the ground, rain or any sort of dampness outside if she lives in Minnesota?  (Apparently, at least three, if she has snow boots.)

How many green outfits can I assemble right now? (Actually, none that are the right color green.  I guess I need to go shopping to buy an emerald-green dress and emerald-green tights.  Isn’t St. Patrick Day coming up?)

new skirt

Last weekend I made finished this skirt.   It is just a simple tube, with a slit.  The waistband is elastic.  It is actually made out of a ribbed knit fabric I got a couple years back on clearance for two dollars a yard.  I found that it has a tendency to stick to nylons and then twist.  However, strangely enough, if the slit is right in this exact position, it is fine.  This is good, because I really don’t like to wear a slip.  Also, with this skirt, I would have to sew the slit closed to wear a slip.  It’s funny, something like this is the simplest kind of project, and yet I know I will wear it quite a bit.  I don’t have as many solid colored skirts as I would like.  I have tons of patterned skirts.

By the way, although I did dye my hair red it really is NOT this red in person.

again, not much sewing

In other shocking news, Eliott cut of his dreds.

So, here he is before haircut.  He asked me for a cut and dye.

Here he is after cutting off the dreds and then dying it black. Completely different!  Wow! What a makeover!

And here he is all dressed and ready to take on the world!


A few weeks ago, I went to my uncle’s house to help my aunt and my mom clear out the clothing for my aunt who passed away in January.  It was really difficult to be at her house without her there.  I know that she has gone on to a better place, and is peaceful.  Still, it was hard to see her absence.

He was kind to allow me to have as many things as I wanted, and what a blessing that is to me.  I have been watching my money more carefully this year with graduation, and my clothing has fallen to the bottom of the list of my purchases. 

My aunt had beautiful taste in everything, and her clothing is no different. She picked the prettiest but still tasteful and useful things.  Her whole life was like that. She always kept her house carefully clean, but it was always warm and welcoming.

It’s a blessing that her clothes would fit me, and my uncle would take the time to include me when her closet needed cleaning.  She managed to give to me again, as she did many times when she was here.  This in no way makes me unique, she was just the kind of person who was thoughtful and kind.  I was a little nervous about the whole situation, until my friend at work told me about the sweatshirts she got when her father passed unexpectedly.  Every time she wears one she feels like she is being hugged by her father.  So these last few weeks, I have been hugged every day from above.

new skirt


I bought this skirt at Savers in July and I finally ironed it.  I hate ironing. It seems like the type of thing that would not need ironing, and truly once it was ironed I won’t have to do it again for a while. I meant it it to go with my Kohl’s blouse, but when I put it with it it just didn’t look right.  It looked kind of messy.  I have this wonderful black blouse, but it is super low cut.  I got this purple camisole with the Kohl’s blouse and it looks perfect underneath that blouse. I also really like my pink beaded shoes with it.  I am finding the elastic with the skirt is worn out, so I will have to put new elastic in.

The skirt looks fabulous with my red Miche cover.