January’s UFO done!

The first UFO that Paul drew for me was my knitted tank. I bought this yarn at Savers a few years back. When I started I had about three inches done. Now, it is finished!


Overall, I am pleased with it. If I make another one in the future, I would use all the same yarn because there was a fussiness involved with switching yarns.

yarn bomb

I was invited to go to a yarn bombing. I wasn’t able to go, but went to look as soon as possible. Look at this fabulous yarn bomb:

yarn bomb

It is such a cheerful, happy piece with so much attention to detail. I love how dimensional it is. I love how many different yarns were used.

yarn bomb sun

This photo shows the beautiful sun.  I can’t believe what  a great job they did.  It was made from leftover donated yarn. If you live in Minneapolis, this is at my church, Holy Cross, on 1720 East Minnehaha Parkway.  The column that is decorated is on the east side by the basement.

busy week

We are have some friends coming over today so I have been doing crazy cleaning.   That combined with vacation bible school, back to school planning and anxiety (countdown to ninth grade: 7 days) have left me no time to sew.  So while I was at Savers in the back pack area, which conveniently is right next to the sewing section, I found a few treats.  First, because an idle mind daydreams on new projects not projects already started:


I am thinking about a sleeveless sweater.

My big surprise was this:


For 3 dollars I got this package of a couple of fat quarters and a bundle of six inch squares.  I could only see the top, so imagine my surprise when I discovered these:


In the inside of the pack some great pieces right in the palette for the friendship quilt! I can’t wait to show my friend when she comes over today!  My inspiration is reinvigorated. And hopefully in a week or so, I should have some actual sewing going on.

Secrets revealed


My kids and I went away for the weekend to deliver the big surprise. The surprise was a joint quilt we made for my mom and dad for their 45th anniversary. I wish I took better pictures but I literally finished it Friday just before we left.  I was sick a day and a half last week and it threw me off schedule.  In any case, my sister sent us two blocks for each family member.  We decorated them, and then she pieced the top.  I quilted and bound it.  I cheated a little by doing some tying but I thought it turned out great!

Here are a few of my favorite blocks.


Steve and I made this one.  We blew up a photo. He made a line drawing then I thread sketched it.


My sister made this one: a family tree with all our names on it. (one of the ones I wish I had a better picture of it because it so cute).


This is Paul’s cello.  He spent a huge amount of time carefully painting it and it turned out really precise.


My sister, Katie, made this one with photo transfer of my mom and dad at her wedding.  Her quotes are so sweet.


Again, I wish I would have gotten better photos.  This one was a drawing my sister made of Tommy Turtle, the mascot of Bottineau, ND where my parents live.


My nephew, Mickey, made this one.  I love the exuberance of my Dad’s dog, and the great multi colored duck.  It is a fantastic action picture and the dog actually spends a great deal of time jumping straight up like that.


This is Eliott’s block.  We got him started with the boy on the bike and he fleshed it out to really represent himself.


I also did this simple embroidery of their anniversary date.


I also made this block of my parent’s house.  I painted the background. I downloaded an image from Google maps, then reversed it, and thread sketched it from the back.  I added fabric applique. Steve added more details with fabric markers.


I may have shown this one already.  These are lilacs which were the flowers at my parent’s wedding.  Steve made a painting then I did some thread sketching to make this one.


And finally, this one.  I have put fabric from my grandmother on my mom’s side and my grandfather from my dad’s side in this crazy heart.

We were camping this weekend and my parents always do a gps treasure hunt for the grandkids.  While they were away we put a gps marker where we hid the quilt named with Grandma and Grandpa.  It was fun to surprise them.

I really needed a couple of days to catch my breath so it was extra nice for me. Laughing and hanging out with my family always leaves me more relaxed and being outside clears my mind.  It was a great weekend – really relaxing and fun.

savers find

Here we go with my love hate with WordPress.  I wrote this yesterday but the WordPress monster that sometimes for no reason, deletes everything when you post deleted this post.  So one day late-

Here’s what I got at Saver’s:

A new plastic container, with many, many empty spools and bright embroidery floss.  I figure about a 4 to 4.50 value for the incredible low price of three dollars!

Anyway, I had bought this at a garage sale last spring.  Someone was super organized and then must have given up the project.  I did not see the project that these went with, but then maybe someone else bought it.

TA-DAH! Everything neatly wound on its own spool.  Ignore the wad of thread in the corner.

51 plus request for advice…

So I finally counted my grandmother’s flower quilt and I have 51 “flowers”.  Here is the crazy Roberta count:

9 brown, 7 blue, 6 pink, 6 green, 6 plaid, 4 gold, 4 peach, 3 green plaid, 2 white, 2 pink floral, 1 different green, 1 peach plaid.

Yes, that is 51, and worse,  only 5 sets that can be laid out as traditional flowers in sets of six.  Awesome job planning. So I laid out four of the five flowers sets and I have 3 lights and 2 darks.  Except that the one set of dark a weird brown color I am not thrilled about. So after some complex drawings, I decided just put them together randomly in alternate lines of 8 and 7. This means I only need 2 more flowers to make 53.  Don’t ask me to explain the math. I will show you my flower football notes which I believe will get me partial credit on any quiz.

Anyway, I was starting to think about how am I going to put this sucker together.  I have made satin quilts before but a long time ago, before I cared about washability and stability.  That would probably be about the time I started this quilt.  Any recommendations for what fiber I should use batt and backing would be awesome.  I don’t believe I have any silk fibers which means the satin is either polyester or rayon.

On another topic, the ufo for this month is the cross stitch which I have been working on for at least eight years.  I’m 0 for 2, on finishes for ufos this year, and I am afraid this may be 0 for 3.  But I will give it a shot.

chicken update

Here’s my prodigal chicken quilt again, sans prodigal chicken still although he is mostly sewn and just needs to be attached.  I have and idea for the path that I want to finish before I put him in.

I’m at a discouraging point of beginning to know what I want to do, but knowing there is much left.  Oh, why is February such a short month!  I decided yesterday I want a pieced border for this quilt.  It will be my largest tiny quilt yet.

where was I?

I missed my self-imposed goal of posting every Sunday yesterday.  Time just got away from me.  But I did get some things accomplished.  For Steve’s piano student:

I finished the first of four of these little bags.  Steve saw something very similar at Joanne’s and I am attempting to make them.  I hate to say how inexpensive they were at Joanne’s and how much time it is taking to make them.  Oh well, I live for the challenge.

I also made much progress on this:

Yes, nearly everything is wrapped and ready for shipping or for my family.  The only shopping I have left is for my husband and my kids.


August Ufo

Yes, I finished it!  I expect I will trim it and sew it onto some kind of back. I think it will eventually be part of a tiny quilt.  I started this a long time ago and carried in my purse for several years.  Periodically, I would take it out and do a little bit.  It’s great to have it finished.


When I went up to my mom’s we were looking through some old boxes and we found this.  It is a doll I made for my sister probably 15 years ago or so.  I used an embroidery machine to make the face.  The hair I made out of socks.  I had some black socks at the time that had long ribbing.  I sewed the edge of several socks down in layers and then cut up the rib lines to make hair. This is a little crocheted doll that my grandmother made for me and then I passed to my sister.  I love how sculptural it is.