No, it’s not done, nor will it be in five days.  But I made significant progress.  I painted it, layered the batting and backing and did a great deal of quilting.  Then yesterday, I added the chicken prince.  Paul and I spent some time with markers, going over the black lines.

I think it really pops now.  But I need to do some more hand quilting.  I want to add a frame, then add more batting and a new back.  I will then machine quilt it, and finally add beads.  It may be a 2013 ufo.

4 thoughts on “chicken comes homes home to roost – February ufo wrapup

    1. Thanks. It is a cordoroy shirt that I bought at a thrift store or a garage sale many years ago. It is one that I just take a little bit at time to use because I love it so much and I know I’ll never find it again.

  1. A really great piece of textile art. Progress is good, at least the challenge has made you work on the piece again.

    1. Thank you. I am really excited to get back to it actually but I have a couple of pieces with deadlines that I have to complete. If I don’t have it done by next year it will go on the list again. I like the way the list disciplines me to work on things that I thought were dead ends and bring them back into the center of my work. Thanks for stopping by.

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