Well, I found out I was secret Santa at my work to someone who cooks.  So I had to make him some tiny quilts.  Tiny quilts that can also be used as potholders. Even though the stars are Christmasy, I used colors that were definitely not Christmasy so they can be used year round.

I struggled a little bit with binding.  This is the third time this week that I did machine applied binding.  Usually for my quilts I attach it by machine and then turn it and hand sew it on the other side, not going through all layers.  But these potholders I wanted to be washable and sturdy so I machine binded them.

You can see where I missed a little bit on the bottom corner and on the front there are a couple of little flubs.  My other project (you’ll see it soon) came out a little more perfect I think because the contrast between the binding and the backing fabric and therefore, the bobbing thread was less.   Oh well, if I could make them perfectly, I probably would have to move on to something more challenging.

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