Here are the final pictures of the silk crazy quilt. I first thought of calling it Blood War Horse of Jewel-encrusted Opulence and Power.  This makes sense only in my own mind.  Mostly because I see a red horse in the middle.    If you can see it, too, let me know and I will feel slightly less crazy. I take heart in the fact that artists can name their pieces anything they want. However, that name seems extraordinarily violent so I went with Jewel-Encrusted Scarlet Pony of Opulence and Power.  It makes much more sense.

Anyway, overall this quilt was a success.  I think the color scheme worked out fabulously.   It has a bohemian chic feeling that I really like. I love the back.


The color scheme.  I love the jewel tone, 1980s density of color in this quilt.  The peach is a color I never ever, ever use.  Except now I did, thanks to Steve.  It is almost shockingly colorful.

The back insert.  This is a testament to my online quilt surfing.  I am seeing many quilts now that are putting an extra block in the back.  The grey backing fabric I used was a remnant from a long, long time ago.  Someone I worked with before my older son was born had given me a huge amount of fabric.  So when I say a long time ago, I mean I have had that fabric since 1993 or 1992.  Someone had written on it in grease pen.  I cut that segment out and added these blocks. I planned to use those extra blocks as a frame on the front of the quilt, but found them too busy on the front. Even though this was a save, I do like this idea.  I have been piecing my backs for a while now with multiple colors of fabric, because when I get to the fabric store I see so many choices I like.  Seth’s quilt is a great example of this. I always have extra blocks from the front so from now on, I probably will include some of those in the back.

Straightness.  Although the inner borders are not perfectly straight, the quilt as a whole is pretty decently straight.  I used some tips Deanna gave me of measuring the borders which helped, as well as, carefully truing each border after I sewed it on.

Lessons learned

Silk.  I think it will be a long time before I use silk for a quilt again.  It was beautiful to work with and a very sensuous experience to sew and touch, but a pain to make straight.  I have no idea how to clean this quilt.  I ended up cheating a little bit when I used the peach and dark purple.  They are not actually silk, rather polyester.  The fuchsia border is silk.  That border is also iridescent.  Anyway, just the little bit of fabric for the borders was 20 dollars.  Fortunately, I had most of the rest of the fabric so I could pop for it.  However, I don’t think my budget could cover more silk.

I am learning a lot about myself from the ufo challenge.  I am learning that I can get a lot of work done when I have a deadline.  I found out that I can successfully finish a project that I was confused about or had lost interest in.

4 thoughts on “Silk crazy quilt wrap up

  1. Your quilt looks square and straight. I’m glad the little border tips helped. That is one thing I really enjoy about my online quilting buddies, sharing and learning from each other. Nice finish.

    ps–the red horse is definitely there.

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