Here’s the hole in the wall.   We had Larry, our friend and awesome carpenter, out our house to do some work.  Last winter we had a terrible ice dam and the roof was damaged.  Since we were replacing the roof, we also had a fan and some new electrical lights put in.  This is the hole he made to put the fan in.  There is actually solid wood  one inch thick behind the sheet rock. Our house is always filled with surprises.

Here’s the fan.  It really sucks the air right out.  After we take a shower the mirror doesn’t even steam up.

And here are the new lights.  They are on a switch.  The lights had  annoying little chains before.  I love the switch.  When we had the lights with the chain, we only had a choice of about three different fixtures, so it was exciting to pick new ones from all the choices.  About halfway through the repairs, Larry pulled out our medicine cabinet.  Since he had it out, we ran out and bought a new one.  We still have  a little paint touch ups to do, but the room looks so good!

Bike update

The boys spent the 4th in Seattle.  They took a bus tour called the dead man’s tour. He saw Jimi Hendrix’ grave and Kirk Cobain’s house.  His friend, Darby, had a knee injury so they took him to the hospital.

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